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CU in Class: Ethics and Its Relationship to Worldview is a Course

CU in Class: Ethics and Its Relationship to Worldview



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In a lecture titled "Definition of Ethics and Its Relationship to Worldview," Dr. John Tarwater explores how business ethics from a Christian perspective is framed by worldview issues.

This video was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow as many people as possible to experience a "normal" classroom experience was like during that time.  While the masks are no longer necessary, the excellent delivery of the professor, the inviting classroom experience, and the academic rigor are very much an integral part of the classroom experience here at Cedarville.  

Whether you are just curious about the subject matter presented or are considering attending Cedarville Universtiy, we hope that the content of this continuing education offering will meet your needs and ultimately draw you closer to the God who is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

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